I started Volunteering around late 2012. I worked as a part time DJ and wanted to get involved with radio after someone suggested that hospital radio is a great way to experience the industry.

After starting as a trainee presenter, I realised things could be improved on the technical side, so I shifted my focus there instead of becoming a presenter. ​

​With my role I mainly do CHR stuff in the evenings. Being the engineer/techy guy, I have the advantage of being able to work on our systems remotely from home. If I know there’s a quiet day coming up at the station where I can get in for a good few hours, I’ll use that time too. ​

Being the Station Engineer It’s my responsibility to keep our equipment in good, working order and explore ways to make our station better for our listeners. I also work to make the experience of presenting simple and enjoyable so our presenters can do what they do best and broadcast great shows. ​

​My contributions help our station grow and improve. Developing the station helps our presenters sound the very best they can which ultimately benefits the patients listening. That’s more than enough for me! ​

​I work at the hospital as well, so I’m never far away should anything go wrong… which it rarely does. Phew!