UHCW Staff Interviews

It’s Volunteers’ Week, so Bobs guest this week is Voluntary Services Manager Hilary Lorimer letting you know how you can get involved with volunteering

Bob Griffiths chats with Steve Thornton, Professor of Obstetrics

Shannon Finan from UHCW came to talk about long term health issues and communities who are socially isolated

Bob Griffiths had the pleasure of chatting with May Parsons, the Modern Matron who administered the worlds first Covid-19 vaccination.

Bob Griffiths talks with Kristine Davies UHCW Head of Voluntary Services about volunteering within the hospital.

Prof. Andy Hardy CEO of UHCW chats with Bob Griffiths about waiting times.

Dame Stella Manzie, Chair of thr UHCW Trust talks with Bob Griffiths about her role and the key issues this year.

Jo O’Sullivan Director of UHCW Charity chats with Bob Griffiths about acheiving her Mont Blanc charity trek to raise 10K.

UHCW’s Debbie Babbington and Jo O’Sullivan let CHR’s listeners¬† know about the Snowden Sunrise Challenge.

UHCW Cheif Quality Officer Mo Hussain called in to the CHR Studios for a chat with Bob Griffiths

“Holly Randle Modern Matron in Emergency Medicine talks with Bob Griffiths about improving flow of patient information and saving staff time.”

Lynda Scott, Director Communications & Marketing talks with Bob Griffiths about her role and impact on patients, staff and the community.