Coventry Hospital Radio presenter Gary Davies has hosted guests from four different teams to record interviews which will be aired on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Tuesday, December 3).

These interviews will give patients an overview of the various services we offer if they should require additional support during their care with us and thereafter.

Gary was joined by Carinna Rhiannon Laugharne, Occupational Therapist in the Integrated Discharge team, who spoke about how her team partners with local organisations to ensure that patients receive ongoing assistance following discharge.

Head of Diversity Barbara Hay and Diversity Officer Georgia Hyland visited the studio to explain the role of the Equality and Diversity team at the Trust.

Gary was also joined by Karl Jones, Senior Mental Health Liaison Practitioner and Clinical Trainer in the Arden Mental Health Acute Team, and Jayne Webb, a Mental Well-Being Companion Volunteer at UHCW. Together they discussed all things Mental Health, including the various options for support in Coventry and Warwickshire.

On Tuesday, December 3, volunteers will be visiting wards with patient informational leaflets to explain how to access additional support during their hospital stay.

If clinical staff have any questions about providing inclusive care to patients with disabilities, please get in touch with the Equality and Diversity team by telephoning ext. 27667.