Simon Tidmarsh

NICKNAME: Si or Tiddy

GENRE OF MUSIC: Anything ranging from 60s through to current day.


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a bubbly reliable person who is always up for a laugh, I have some jokes [which are awful]. I love my music and also the mighty sky blues.

WHAT IS YOUR SHOW ABOUT? A range of feel good music for Simons Saturday Brunch and all the sporting action during Sports Zone, plus a range of relaxing music forMonday Nights Stressbusters Show.

FAVOURITE SONG/GROUP/SINGER: Song - Fairground (Simply Red), Group - Texas, Singer - George Michael.

WHAT DOES CHR MEAN TO YOU? CHR means that I can put a smile on peoples faces and listen to what people want on the wards, and also help them relax a bit better.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Born in Coventry, Now living in Rugby and educated at Westwood Heath School, I love the sky blues [Coventry City FC], I am a bubbly person that is always up for a laugh, and a few jokes, I love the music from the 90's and today, I love all my friends and family.


Stress Busters (Mon)

Saturday Brunch (Sat)