Nutan Desai



GENRE OF MUSIC: Various forms of asian music - mainly Bollywood, Hindi songs old and new, I also play ghazals (urdu songs), gujarati folk songs, punjabi (bhangra) songs.

LANGUAGE: Mainly hindi, so most asians are able to understand it, some segments of the show and on requests I use Gujarati and English.

TOPIC OF SHOW: My show is a multicultural show, mainly aimed at the asian community, but hopefully entertaining, informative and motivational to those who listen! Entertainment is provided through various songs in HINDI, PUNJABI, GUJARATI and ENGLISH, The songs are targeted at various occasions/celebrations, eg. diwali, Eid, christmas etc. to involve the patients.
Information is provided via news headlines summary and weather updates. Occasionally we interview guests, recently we interviewed a representative from the carers centre. also there are motivational/inspirational quotes that will hopefully motivate and inspire the listeners.

FAVOURITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: Mainly asian singers, especially the ''golden oldies'' such as Laki Mangeshkar Mukesh, Mohamed Rafi. In the newer singers I enjoy listening to Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghosal and Jagjeet Singh.

WHAT CHR MEANS TO ME: CHR for me is not just a hospital radio station, its a medium to encourage and bring some happiness to the patients that are listening. To make them feel part of society once again and not feel alone, also to be able to bring some joy into their lives, even for an hour or so means a lot to me and I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve my community.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: After retiring in 2007 I started voluntary work at University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire serving tea to the patients on various wards and helping with administrative work at the Arden Centre, a bit later I joined the hospital radio.
I also love drawing and painting in my spare time and singing. I also teach yoga and nin yoga classes mainly for women, so in general I like to keep myself busy.

Asian Show (Wed)