GENRE OF MUSIC: Pop and country from 80s through to present day.



FAVORITE SONG, GROUP, SINGER: Favorite song is "From Now On" from The Greatest Showman, favorite singers are Kylie Minogue and Carrie Underwood and favorite group has to be either S Club 7 or Steps as they were from my childhood.

TOPIC OF SHOW: A range of music to make you feel good, with the latest Headlines and Weather.

WHAT DOES CHR MEAN TO YOU? Bringing uplifting tunes to try and lift the patients spirits during their time in hospital and play the music they want to hear.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Born in Daventry but lived most of my life in Rugby. I'm a bubbly character and always like to cheer people up.

In my spare time I love doing pantomimes in the local village where I live and spend most of my time singing away to myself (So much so people tend to get annoyed).

I love upbeat pop music and over the past couple of years I have found a love for Country Music.

Laura Dunn

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