Joe Challis



GENRE OF MUSIC: Pop and Rock


TOPIC OF SHOW: Non applicable

FAVOURITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: Song Angels, Sweet child of mine and Born this way. Group: Nickleback. Singers: Chad Croger, Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga

WHAT CHR MEANS TO ME: It means that I can meet new people and gives me a channel to express myself.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: I like rugby, football and girls. I'm also a part time amatuer DJ. I was born in Nuneatons George Elliot Hospital on valentines day in 1987. I went to Sherbourne Fields School in Coundon and then on to herewood college in Tile Hill. I studied TV & Video, Music, Photography, English and Maths. I am a season ticket holder for Leicester Tigers Rugby Club and also an avid Blackburn Rovers fan. I go to at least one home game at Ewood Park.