GENRE OF MUSIC: I mainly play pop music from the past few years, but also music from Rock Bands such as The Script and Coldplay.


TOPIC OF SHOW: My show is about playing current and enjoyable music from the past 10 years mixed in with some fun news stories and occasionally some games.


FAVORITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: My favourite singer is definitely Ed Shearan, but I also enjoy music by the script, Declan McKenna, Taylor Swift and The Kooks.

WHAT DOES CHR MEAN TO YOU? CHR offers a great oppertunity to entertain patients at the hospital whilst also having fun sharing and playing great music.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: I'm 17 years old and currently studying English Lterature, History and Music for A level at school. I really enjoy playing the flute and drums, as well as listening to music, my other hobbies include baking and reading

Ellie Van Laar


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