Dom Mottram



GENRE OF MUSIC: Any request, and everything from Beethoven to Coldplay via David Guetta!

LANGUAGE: Mostly English, but may use the occasional word in a few foreign languages!

TOPIC OF SHOW: A smorgasbord of mirth, madness and more on a Wednesday evening! Come and join me (and the occasional guest) on an adventure!

FAVOURITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: Probably Coldplay as they make brilliant music and are even better live; I've been all over Europe to see them!

WHAT CHR MEANS TO ME: Having been born (and then brought back to life) in this hospital, I owe my existence to the staff! It's a great way to brighten people's days and hopefully inform and entertain!

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Born in the hospital before they knocked it down. Spent the majority of my life living around Europe trying my best to learn languages and have fun. Now spend my days living the dream playing with trains!

A Smorgerbash of Madness