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Dan Sambell

NICKNAME: Radio Dan, Danbell, and way too many people think my name is Sam!

GENRE OF MUSIC: A good mix of old and new from the 70's through to today.


TOPIC OF SHOW: It's all about what's going on round here. If there's a big event happening, chances are I'm there and you can hear all about it. Plus, you can play along with my Mystery Voice & Beat The Intro games each week and laugh along with my rather embarrassing confession.

FAVOURITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: I love all sorts of music old and new. Right now, I'm loving Years and Years and I'm also quite a big Mumford and Sons fan.

WHAT CHR MEANS TO ME: Playing amazing music whilst cheering up the patients and putting a smile on their face at the bedside. It also gives me a chance to fulfill my passion of broadcasting.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: I live in Rugby but studied here in Coventry and now freelance in Radio. I absolutely love broadcasting and being out and about at local events. I'm a bit of a geek too, obsessed with music, media and an avid fan of Coronation Street. (Don't ask). You can often find me drinking coffee and bouncing about, often embarrassing myself too!


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