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Andrew Colby - Midnight.  Join me, Andrew Colby at the midnight hour where I host Christmas carols and reflections as we celebrate the birth of Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. There will also be prayers and times for thought at this most joyous time of the year.​


9am - Dom and Vicky.​ "While you open your presents, join Dom and Vicky for some modern and classic Christmas tunes, some great festive traditions, and what happens if you feed your Christmas tree lemonade!"


10am - Marta Amado. Join Marta Amado this Christmas Day for a special show talking about memories from this magical time of the year.


11am - Lee Baker​.  ​Join Lee for some well known and some not so well known Christmas songs to take you to the festive Lunch Time.  Every wondered how Christmas Traditions started. You will be surprised when you hear where they originate from. 60 minutes of Ho Ho Ho!


Midday - Laura and Simon​.  Join Laura and Simon at midday for their Christmas Day Brunch where they will bring you a range of happy, festive songs to put a smile on your face.​


1pm - Bob And Chris.​  Chris Jennings and Bob Griffiths are sharing their Christmas Day together. Loads of musical and Christmas memories, some funky pop twinkles and the best cracker jokes in the world!​


2pm - Chris And Bob.​ There will be Chris's usual mix of northern soul, punk, pop, 60s etc. all with a festive flavour and some dreadful Christmas jokes! And still wearing our Santa hats!​


3pm - Colin Gutteridge.  A mini-version of Colins Choices including some of the features from the regular show including the Sounds Familiar competition (just for fun)".


4pm - Gary Davies.​  Get in to the spirit of Christmas with an hour of Christmas music, including a few Christmas tracks which haven’t had air time yet.


5pm - Colin and Annette.​  We hope to put the "Merry" into your Christmas, with favourite festive music, a few features and silly jokes, plus a seasonal message from the hospital's Faith Centre.​


6pm - Lee Baker.​  An hour of Christmas songs that you don't hear year after year on the radio and test your knowledge in our Christmas Quiz.​


7pm - Ashley Harris.​  ​Come along and enjoy an hour packed with all your favourite Christmas music and all the greatest artists to go with it.


8pm - Andrew Colby.​  An opportunity to look back at Christmas Past, recalling great memories and listening into some of the famous Christmas recordings ever made. There may even be a touch of nostalgia as we remember happy times with those we still think fondly of today. Celebrate with me and enjoy.