Bradley Reynolds

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NICKNAME: Brad (People at work call me Bradders)

WHAT GENRE OF MUSIC DO YOU PLAY? Mostly new(ish) pop/dance songs. Generally songs that were a hit in the charts at some point during the past 10 years. Occasionally venturing out into some older songs for games and requests.


WHAT THEME IS YOUR SHOW ABOUT? I'll be showcasing some of the newest songs to be released and some chart updates. I'll be playing a few games (guess the year etc.) to keep everyone involved


I have a strong liking to pop/dance music with my favourite artist being Oliver Heldens.

WHAT DOES CHR MEAN FOR YOU? It means a whole new experience that I wouldn't otherwise be able to have. It means I can express the songs that I like to other people and have some fun doing so.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: An Electronic Engineer from Birmingham, I'm a huge technology enthusiast. My favourite type of music is pop and dance so will be playinga lot of those songs on my show. My favourite sport is formula 1 so expect to be kept right up to date with the F1 season. I'm always thinking up ideas for games to playon my show to keep the songs that I'm playing relevant and to keep people’s heads guessing.

Pop & Chart