Aloka Sudiwala


GENRE OF MUSIC: Hindi Bollywood Songs, Ghazals, Religious Songs, Pop, Remixes.

LANGUAGE: Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati.

TOPIC OF SHOW: My show is about playing old and new Asian music, with some news about Asian and Bollywood cinema, thought of the day, jokes and also playing requests.

FAVOURITE SONG/SINGER/GROUP: Favorite singer: Kishore Kumar, favourite song: Too many to list.

WHAT DOES CHR MEAN TO YOU: CHR means an opportunity to serve the community by playing music (food for the body and mind) and helping patients to recover quickly and return home to their loved ones.

A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: I was born in India where I graduated from Delhi University in B.A. Been living in Coventry for 20 years. I love good music and radio presentation. I am married with 3 children. I also like to sing Indian classical songs.
I have been working with the Asian radio industry for over 19 years (off and on) catering to a vast majority of the Asian population across the country and worldwide. I am also a journalist contributing to the local newspaper in Coventry.